An Elko Motor Company Vehicle is a Better Vehicle

The Lifetime Powertrain Warranty covers most new vehicles. For as long as you own your car, named vehicle components of major systems will be covered including engine, transmission, all-wheel drive, transfer case and drive train assembly, among others. This coverage is over and above your manufacturer's warranty.

Elko Motor Company Lifetime Powertrain Warranty

Available on most new vehicle purchases, excluding all leases:

Warranty is valid from vehicle sale date during the customer's lifetime or until the customer no longer owns the vehicle.

This is an inclusionary warranty which means only named components are covered. The warranty is limited to the specifically listed components (see copy of contract below)

The deductible is the amount the customer must pay for each covered repair.
Non-Covered Conditions:
The limited warranty does not apply to (see copy of contract below)

Vehicle Owner Responsibilities:
Vehicle owner must service the covered vehicle according to the manufacturer's recommended maintenance schedule, replace leaking engine or coolant seals and gaskets that relate to the protection of the engine from lubricant loss and overheating, and retain all vehicle maintenance records. Vehicle's oil and oil filter MUST be changed every three (3) months or 3,000 miles, whichever occurs first, or as recommended by the manufacturer.

General Exclusions:
The following vehicles are ineligible:
Commercial or business use vehicles, step vans, high cube vans or box bodies, cabs and chassis, and vehicles over a one ton rating; vehicles used for the following purpose: snow plowing; vehicles that have a branded or salvaged title, have been designated a total loss, are rebuilt or have alterations not authorized/specified by the manufacturer; vehicles equipped with V10 or V12 engines or CNG, hybrid, electric, or hydrogen/fuel cell components; vehicles not certified for sale in the United States or Canada, gray market vehicles, and vehicles equipped with right-hand steering; any vehicle with a non-functioning odometer or an odometer that has been manipulated.

Ineligible Vehicles:
The following vehicle makes/models are ineligible: All European except VW; all hybrid / electric vehicle and CNG models; Acura NSX; Cadillac V-Series; Chevrolet Express, Corvette-(All) and Camaro ZL1 model; Coda; vehicles imported, manufactured, or assembled by China and India domiciled companies for distribution in the United States; Chrysler Hurst Edition and Prowler; Daewoo; Daihatsu; Dodge Hurst editions; Dodge Ram SRT-10; Dodge Ram Van; Dodge Sprinter; Dodge Stealth; Dodge Viper; Eagle; Fisker; Ford E-Series & Transit Van; Ford F-150 special editions (i.e., Foose, Saleen, and Rousch); Ford F-450; Ford F-550; Ford GT; Ford Mustang special editions (i.e., Foose, GT-H, GT-KR, Saleen, Rousch, Shelby, GT500, Boss Models, SVT Models); Ford Transit Connect; GMC Savana; Honda FCX Clarity; Hummer; Isuzu; kit cars; Lexus F-Series; Lexus LF-A; Mitsubishi 3000 GT-VR4; Nissan GT-R and NV Series; Oldsmobile; Plymouth; Suzuki; Tesla; VW Phaeton; exotic brands including, but not limited to, Aston Martin, Bentley, Bugatti, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Lotus, Maserati, Maybach, McLaren, Panoz, Rolls Royce and Spyker.

See Procedure Manual for additional eligibility details.

Cancellation and Transfer Exclusions:
This Limited Warranty is issued by Elko Motor Company only and not by the manufacturer of the Vehicle. This Limited Warranty is neither cancelable nor transferable. This Limited Warranty is included without additional cost as part of the purchase price of the Vehicle.